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Several factors need to be taken into consideration to present an estimated time duration for app development, such as desired features, complexity, and platform.

Having just a website doesn't cut the slack anymore for businesses trying to reach a broader target audience. Reach out to Progressive UX to better understand how our mobile app design services could do you a favor.

Did you know that 94 percent of first impressions relate to your website's design? Sign up for a free consultation session about the possible changes you could make to your web design to increase user retention.

Absolutely! As part of our policy, we provide a content management system during the handover, allowing clients to modify and update the content as desired without our assistance.

Apart from the obvious advantage of a responsive website increasing accessibility on remote devices, it's also favored by search engines. A website that automatically adjusts its layout and content to fit a screen size can increase your reach and engagement with your target audience.

The cost of creating a responsive website depends on factors like scope and complexity, design requirements, choice of content management system, integration and functionality, as well as maintenance and support.

Yes, because your domain is only the web address the user types on a browser to access your website, while hosting refers to the service that stores your website's content to make it accessible on the Internet.

Progressive UX ensures detailed assistance and guidance for a smooth transition when transferring your existing domain and hosting to ours. Our team adapts to the best practices for minimum downtime.

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